Ovarian & Uterine surgeries may not end a woman's life, but they compromise her ability to give life. 


Our Mission

The Women's Ovarian & Medical Education Network is dedicated to alleviating the fertility risks faced by women through education, advocacy, and research. The prevalence of women's reproductive healthcare issues is seldom publicized and minimally researched at the cost of the health, peace of mind, and often times the fertility of women. Currently, 7.5 million women of child bearing age face impaired fertility. By serving as an educational research hub, advocating for equitable healthcare, and mobilizing around access to preventative care, we can increase healthcare equity and decrease infertility in women.

We cannot prevent that of which we do not know the danger.
— Founder , W.O.M.E.N. Inc


  • Expand awareness to women on common reproductive health conditions that can compromise fertility.
  • Establish a pathway to preventative care that is covered by insurance.
  • Create community and medical partnerships that serve as resources to all women.
  • Change healthcare policy so that annual ultrasounds are standardized for women of childbearing age.