Step 1: Take a picture with your hands making a heart over your abdomen (or surgery scar)

Step 2: Post the picture to Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #SAVEYOUROVARIES, the phrase "get an ultrasound", and our website so your friends and family can find this fertility saving information!

How do you save your ovaries? Go to your doctor and request an ultrasound for the most minute change in your cycle. Ultrasounds are the only way to #saveyourovaries and your fertility, but this information is not known to the average woman. Pain related to women's reproductive organs is often normalized; yet dangerous cysts, tumors, and other conditions can be silently developing and disguised as, "normal" pain. This campaign focuses on building self-advocacy for preventative care and national public awareness on the severity of ovarian issues that endanger fertility for millions of women each year. 



You can make a difference. Help us reach women across the world! 

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