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With YOUR support, the Women’s Ovarian & Medical Education Network will save the lives and fertility of thousands with California’s first ever mobile ultrasound preventative care clinic! Our friends at Matthews Speciality Vehicles have developed our blueprint for a state of the art mobile ultrasound clinic, fully furnished with medical supplies, ultrasound machines and HIPPA compliant technology!

W.O.M.E.N. Inc preventative care mobile ultrasound clinic designed by Matthews Speciality Vehicles.

W.O.M.E.N. Inc preventative care mobile ultrasound clinic designed by Matthews Speciality Vehicles.

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✔ External & Internal (transvaginal) ultrasounds to identify fertility conditions or gynecologic cancers in their earliest stages.

✔ Instant printed sonogram images for women to take to their doctors, finally eliminating the "burden of proof" required by insurance companies.

✔ IMMEDIATE answers. There are few things worse than thinking something is wrong with your health, finally getting a scan, and then having to wait 1 or 2 weeks for the answers. All clients will receive their ultrasound results within the same visit!

✔ One on one consultations with Obstetricians/Gynecologists to review each client's results, what they mean, and the next steps to ensure proper monitoring and care for any conditions that may be identified during the visit.

✔ Pelvic Exams to identify any potential unknown abnormalities before conducting an ultrasound.


Women’s health is more important than corporate wealth!

Insurance companies refuse to include ultrasounds in a woman’s “annual exam”. 

Even worse, the medical industry is telling women to wait 3 to 5 years for a pap smear that physiologically cannot identify the early signs of fertility related conditions.

Women need a place where they can get an ultrasound without dropping $300-$500 just to make sure they’re healthy!

Nationally, the United States is not investing in fertility related preventative care, rather reactive treatment-- which is why IVF treatment and egg counting is becoming a popular topic.

One ultrasound can prevent the need for thousands of women to ever need to seek IVF. However, that means certain industries will lose millions of dollars. 

Our mobile unit will provide free preventative care ultrasounds and one on one consultations to women with INSTANT answers and next steps for care. The unit will visit prime locations for women at risk: college campuses, business, city center, and other locations in which women between 20 and 40 years old have an active presence, but girls and women of all ages can and will be served by W.O.M.E.N. Inc.

Kickstarter CrowdFunding Goal: $250,000

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Although the construction of a FULLY HIPPA COMPLIANT Preventative Care Mobile Ultrasound unit is costly, there is nothing more costly than the unnecessary loss of fertility by 6.7 million women or loss of lives due to gynecologic cancer diagnoses.

What about grants?

Unfortunately, the nature of women's fertility heath in America is driven by politics and reactive treatment versus preventative care. Our board includes a clinical researcher who has direct access to grants upon listing; however, women's health grants are widely SOLEY focused on the following topics, so our ability to gain grant funding is very few and far between:

1) STDs

2) Smoking

3) Abortion

4) IVF (invitro)

Our Kickstarter Project funding goal is the cost for the mobile ultrasound clinic, but our full need including operating costs is $475,000.

If our project mets our minimum fundraising goal listed, we will continue our local fundraising efforts to fundraise the remaining difference in order to bring this project to fruition. In showing our private funders YOUR nation wide support and belief in the urgency of women's preventative fertility care, our goal is to raise the additional capital by December 31, 2019. Construction of the mobile ultrasound unit will begin upon raising 80% of our overall goal and is estimated to take 6 months for full construction.


CLICK ON OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE to check out the details of our extensive list of donor rewards in the Rewards column on the right! All donor levels include the gifts in ALL levels below!

Donor Rewards for all donations from $5 to over $10,000! All award details are available at the Kickstarter link above!

Donor Rewards for all donations from $5 to over $10,000! All award details are available at the Kickstarter link above!